Recording Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Andrew Tulloch is one of the UKs most respected Recording Mixing & Mastering Engineers

His Prolific Career during the last 25+ years has seen him work in multiple genres with an eclectic mix of artists such as : John McLaughlin, Soft Machine, Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, Robbie Williams, Kiss, Chris Rea, Paul Rodgers, Keane, Faithless, The Magic Numbers, Mose Allison, Shakti, Hamish Stuart, Wet Wet Wet, Deacon Blue, Sarah Gillespie, Laura Jurd, Bill Wyman, Dub Collossus, Kathryn Tickell, Bill Bruford, David Liebman, Gary Husband, Tim Garland, Vasilis Xenopolous, Paul Booth, Janette Mason, Tina May, Lea DeLaria, Peter Erskine, Brad Meldau, Joe Lovano. Jamie Cullum, Portico Quartet, John Etheridge, Louis Stewart, Martin Taylor.

Andrew currently works from the blue studio where he is owner / commander in chief!

the blue studio

The blue studio is Andrew’s own private studio based in London. It was designed to work equally well whether recording mixing or mastering, the acoustics were implemented by Munro Acoustics. Although Andrew predominantly mixes and masters projects here, the separate live room is ideal for recording small ensembles, vocals, voice overs and instrument overdubs. Maybe you want to overdub additional parts onto an existing recording such as a string quartet, horn section, backing vocals, or just record the final main vocal afterwards in a great sounding space. It’s possible to record in the live room and control room simultaneously if separation is required. There is an extensive selection of microphones from Neumann - AKG - Telefunken - Pearlman - Oktava - Peluso - Sontronics - Shure - Beyer Dynamic - Audix etc...

Monitoring in the control room is extremely detailed & accurate - Neumann KH310/750 - Neumann KH80 - Avantone Mixcubes - Benchmark DACs

The Control Room is equipped with a hybrid of analogue gear & digital technology - Neve 1081 Mic Pre-amplifiers - DAV Electronic BG2 Mic Pre-amplifiers - Neve 33609 - SSL ('The Bus Plus' ) Compressors - KT2A optical Compressors - Manley Massive Passive Valve EQ - Manley Vari Mu Compressor - Bricasti M7 - Lexicon PCM 91 - TC Electronic M3000 reverbs - Avid S1 control surfaces - numerous plugins from UAD via quad core PCIe cards - Soundtoys - Fab Filter - Tone Projects - DMG - Plugin Alliance (multiple flavours) - Softube - Ozone - Liquid Sonics etc.

....The coffee is pretty good too!

**Grammy Award**

Shakti - 'This Moment'

Best Global Music Album 2024

Mastered by Andrew

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The process of taking individual raw elements of a multitrack recording and blending to create a cohesive and engaging soundscape. This is achieved mainly with the use of Imagination and a great recording at source, but also with the help of equalisation, filtering, compression, expansion, panning, ambience, saturation, reverberation & effects according to genre and artistic intent.

Andrew is a gifted mixer and has worked on countless albums and individual tracks for Artists, labels & Production Music for commercial release. See discography for a selection of credits.

If you would like to discuss Andrew mixing your project please get in touch using the contact form.

Andrew Tulloch’s mix, superb throughout the album, is nothing short of breathtaking” (Soft Machine – Hidden Details - The New York City Jazz Record)

Impressive production and mixing” (Engines Orchestra – Lifecycles - London Jazz News)


Andrew has been mastering music for many years and is highly skilled and experienced in this field. Mastering is the process of taking final mixes and combining them to make a cohesive album or body of work that will translate well to all playback systems with spacing between tracks that is sympathetic to the music. During this process improvements to sonic quality can be made using equalisation, harmonic enhancement, compression & limiting. It is usually possible to enhance and create further depth, clarity and detail in a mix whilst adding punch and balancing both frequency and level. This helps tracks sit next to each other comfortably without sudden changes in volume and frequency content.

Mastering not only applies to whole albums, but also to individual tracks that are being uploaded for online retail. Much of the music consumed today is streamed or downloaded from the internet in compressed formats (AAC, MP3) and played back on headphones or inferior quality speakers such as mobile phones, laptop speakers, desktop computer speakers or earbuds. This makes the need for high quality audio mastering even more essential as it can greatly improve the chances of your track/s translating onto these sonically challenged systems. At Blue Studio Mastering we use a combination of analogue and digital processing to achieve great sounding masters.

Hi Andrew, I just listened to the entire album, excellent!!! Thank you VERY MUCH! – (John McLaughlin, Shakti - This Moment)

**Grammy Winner** - Best Global Music Album 2024

II absolutely love it - Really amazing, which is why I wanted to work with you in the first place (Jamil Sheriff - "Catastrophic')I)

One last note of appreciation goes out to Andrew Tulloch who mixed and mastered the tracks to produce the high quality clean and pristine sound of the entire album. Hearing this music on a great sound system is mandatory. You will appreciate every second of this luscious and inspirational release. (Sirkis/Bialas – ‘Come To Me’ - John Pritchard,

If you would like to discuss Andrew mastering one of your projects please get in touch via the contact form.