Mose Allison– The Mose Chronicles: Live in London (Blue Note/EMI)

Recording    **Grammy Nomination**

Saying that Mose Allison is an American original is redundant. Mose is by all accounts one of the most unique voices in jazz.. He is also an institution in London. The British understand his dry, sardonic wit, and he brings to them the richness of an American culture couched in the vernacular of our time and steeped in the blues.On THE MOSE CHRONICLES: LIVE IN LONDON, Mose finds himself in the center of an ever expanding London cult following. This particular rhythm section is one with whom he has played over 1000 gigs. The empathy between Mose and drummer, Mark Taylor is nearly telepathic, and the venue, too, is Mose’s home away from home – London’s Pizza Express.The Mose Chonicles: Live In London, Volume 1 was recorded by Andrew,and nominated for Best Jazz Vocal Album at the 44th Annual GRAMMY Nominations.

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