Sirkis/Bialis Quartet – Come To Me (Stonedbird Productions)  

Mixing & Mastering

Choose your moment with this album – but late evening (“In the silence of the night, in the depth of nothingness”) is when its magic is especially revealed, with the space reflecting every nuance that has been placed and captured so crystal-clearly

Adrian Pallant, AP Reviews


“One last note of appreciation goes out to Andrew Tulloch who mixed and mastered the tracks to produce the high quality clean and pristine sound of the entire album. Hearing this music on a great sound system is mandatory. You will appreciate every second of this luscious and inspirational release by Asaf Sirkis and Sylwia Bialas all the more”.

John Pritchard, ***** (5 stars)

“Credit is also due to engineer Andrew Tulloch for an excellent mix”.

Ian Mann, The

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