John Etheridge– ‘I Didn’t Know’ (Dyad DY024)   

Producer - Recording Mixing & Mastering

"John Etheridge’s new solo album, which was produced & engineered by Andrew. Stunning playing and great tunes from a guitar master. Here’s what the Observer had to say:‘This is the kind of album to make you glad you’re not a guitarist. How can anyone achieve this level, not just of skill but of musical inclusiveness? Nothing seems to be beyond Etheridge’s grasp. He can spin a simple old spiritual, ‘Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child’, into four minutes of almost abstract melody, then follow it with an undeniably funky ‘Mercy, Mercy, Mercy’ and make both sound complete and perfect. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t yet been hailed as a superstar – there’s just too much of him to fit into any known marketing category. This astonishing set of 16 numbers, solo apart from a few discreet overdubs, also exhibits Etheridge the composer, who turns out to be equally impressive. This is one not to miss." The Observer

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