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“A great sound engineer is like gold dust. Andrew Tulloch combines the irreplaceable skills of taste, precision, technical expertise, patience and a great attitude with top of the range gear and a complete understanding of how to use it effectively. All the recordings we’ve done with him sparkle with the clean, fresh sound which is his trademark.”
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engineered by Andrew

The Blue Studio is a mixing/mastering facility in London with well-specified control room. A small live room for overdubs and small acoustic projects.

SmartAV Tango Control Surface – combined patented ARC Technology with 2x 22″ wide (16:9) touch screens enables control of every edit & mix parameter within the DAW. The 20 Motorized faders can control up to 256 tracks making it feel like a huge analogue desk but with all the advantages of digital recall and small footprint etc.



Nuendo – Audio Production System. This is an excellent system for recording, editing & mixing. It has great features like variAudio whereby quick and intuitive pitch correction can be performed along with high quality timestretch etc.  Automation is comprehensive along with VST plug in support. AAF, OMF import/export also supported for easy interchange between  pro tools and other DAWs.

Pyramix – Virtual Studio Production System – Fully specified digital audio production system using 32 bit floating point technology. Proprietary Pyramix VS3 plug-ins with audiophile quality plugs from Flux. All VST plug-ins supported with full delay compensation on channel paths and busses.  AAF, OMF &  Open TL and  supported allowing crosspath session interchange with Pro Tools, Logic Audio, Nuendo etc. Pyramix can read multiple file formats and allows any combination within the same session. Full mastering capability to ‘ Red Book’ CD-R.

Monitoring Klein & Hummel 0300D, Genelec 1029, Avantone Mixcubes

AD/DA Convertors –  Lynx Hilo – SSL Alpha Link Madi Sx – Benchmark DAC-1







Manley Massive Passive – Dual channel valve mastering Equaliser
Manley Vari MU – Compressor/Limiter
Neve 33609 – Compressor Limiter
Warm Audio WA76 – Compressor/Limiter x2
Neve 4081 – Classic 1081 Mic Pre’s
DAV Electronics – High quality mic pre’s from the original Decca design
TL Audio EQ2 – 2 channel valve equaliser & mic amps.
TL Audio Fatman – Stereo valve compressors
Bricasti M7 – Reverb
Lexicon PCM 91 – Reverb
TC Electronic M3000 – Reverb/FX
TC Electronic M One – Multi FX
TC Electronic D2 Digital Delay
EMU Proteus 2000 – Sound Module
Apogee Big Ben Masterclock


Neumann U87 – 1x
Neumann TLM193 – 2x
Pearlman TM-1(valve) – 1x
Sontronics Aria (Valve)
Sontronics Sigma (Ribbon)
Peluso P28(valve) – 2x (matched pair)
DPA 4099 – 1x
AKG 414B-XLS – 1x
AKG C3000 – 2x
AKG C1000 – 1x
AKG D112 – 1x
Audix D6 – 1x
Oktava MC012 – 4x
Oktava MK 219 – 2x
Oktava  ML52 Ribbon – 1x
Shiny Box 46MXL Ribbon (Lundahl Transformer)
Shure SM86 – 1x
Shure SM58 – 1x
Shure SM 57 – 1x
Audio Technica ATM35 – 1x
Sennheiser e604 – 3x


Plug Ins
Universal Audio –  UAD 2
(Studer A800 – Ampex ATR -102, Lexicon 224 – AMS RMS 16 – Pultec Passive EQ Collection
Neve 1073-1176 Classic Limiter Collection-Teletronix LA2A Collection- Fairchild 670-Dreamverb etc…)
Strip Tools – Channel strip designed by Flux
EQ-X – High resolution Equaliser designed by Flux
Fab Filter – Pro-Q2 – Pro-R – Pro-C2
Brainworx – Console SSL 4000E, Townhouse Compressor
Liquid Sonics – Seventh Heaven Professional
Flux : : – Pure Compressors – Ircam Reverb
Sonalksis – SV 315 Comp – SV517 Eq – SV719 Gate – CQ-1 Multiband compander
Sonnox – Oxford Dynamics – Pro Codec – Envolution
Slate Digital – FG-X – VCC Collection – VTM – VBC – Trigger – VMR                   HiwattAmp 15PC
Soundtoys 5 – All Plug ins
Kush Audio – UBK-1 – Clariphonic – Omega Transformers – Novatron
iZotope – Ozone 8 pro – Alloy -Trash – Vinyl – Nectar – DDLY
iZotope – RX4 Pro – Full suite of restoration plug ins
Abbey Road – TG 12413 Limiter – RS 124 Compressor
PSP – Vintage Warmer 2 – Lexicon 42 – Neon HR – Xenon
MPEX3 – Pitch Shifter ( Pyramix)
Celemony Melodyne – Industry standard pitch correction
Antares Autotune 7
Voxengo – LF max punch – SPAN – Beeper – MSED – Gliss EQ
Drumagog 4 & 5
Knufinke – SIR 2
112db – Redline Reverb
Audioease – Altiverb 7
Valhalla -Room – Plate
Room Machine 884
DMG – Equilibrium-Equality-Limitless-De Ess
Elysia Mpressor
Eventide – H3000 Factory – Tverb




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