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MP_8PCAndrew has been mastering music for many years and is highly skilled and experienced in this field. Mastering is the process of taking final mixes and combining them to make a cohesive album or body of work that will translate well to all playback systems with spacing between  tracks that is sympathetic to the music. During this process improvements to sonic quality can be made using equalisation, compression & limiting. It is usually possible to enhance and create further depth, clarity and detail in a mix whilst adding punch and balancing both frequency and level. This helps  tracks sit next to each other comfortably without sudden  changes in volume and  frequency content.

Mastering not only applies to whole albums, but also to individual tracks that are being posted for download online. Much of the music consumed today is downloaded from the internet in compressed formats ( AAC, MP3) and played back on inferior quality speakers or headphones such as laptop speakers, desktop computer speakers or earbuds for MP3 players. This makes the need for high quality audio mastering even more essential as it can greatly improve the chances of your track/s translating onto these sonically challenged systems.

At Blue Studio Mastering we use a combination of analogue and digital processing to achieve great sounding masters, some of which are shown below.


Analogue Processing

Manley Massive Passive
–  Beautifully engineered and superb sounding valve equaliser. Creamy top end, well balanced mids, punchy low end, and tubes to die for.


Manley Vari Mu
– Valve compressor/Limiter (Custom Mods) – This unit is a classic and is famous for adding ‘glue’ and ‘shine’  to a mix.

Neve 33609J
–  Legendary bus compressor. Smooth and transparent.


Digital Processing

various digital tools from Merging Technologies – Sonoris – Flux – PSP Audioware – iZotope – UAD  etc..










Monitoring – Klein & Hummel via Benchmark DAC-1

DA/AD – Lynx Hilo

Digital Workstation – Pyramix 11 – 64bit Production DAW (Merging Technologies). Famous for it’s transparent sound  and editing capability.

Andrew is an Apple approved mastering engineer

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