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Giulio Romano Malaisi – Interlock

Mixing & Mastering

At the age of 18, Giulio Romano made the move to London (UK) where he quickly gained work as a session player – collaborating with top musicians from all over the world. These included such luminaries as: the world harmonica champion (Jazz category) Greg Miller; the grammy man Phil Ramacon; the pianist songwriter and producer and founder of the VJB Wayne Brown; Lee John (Imagination);Moreno Viglione (Awarded Italian Guitarist), Rocio Ruano (X factor 2013), and amazing singer (ex zero 7) producer and founder of the Numen Records Mozez, Osmond Wright. This superb album is his 3rd release.

Solstice -Food for Thought (Ubuntu Music)


“A series of multi-faceted compositions that combine genuine beauty with a very impressive level of musical sophistication, with each composer bringing something characterful to the table”

The Jazz Mann

John McLaughlin – Liberation Time (Abstract Logix)


“Few will come close to rivalling Liberation Time. It has inspired a flood of new creativity in McLaughlin, whose career was already defined by seemingly endless creativity. Other than his two reflective solo piano pieces, ‘Mila Repa’ and ‘Shade of Blue’, all tracks are the product of multi tracking. But you’d never guess ‘Lockdown Blues’ by McLaughlin’s group The 4th Dimension was made this way, such is the group interplay. Then there’s McLaughlin in straight ahead, 1960s mode, a style he grew up with and is a master of, here with an excellent contribution from Julian Siegel on tenor. In contrast, the powerful jazz-rock of ‘As the Spirit Sings’, driven by drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, emerges as an explosion of pent-up energy.”

Jazzwise – Stuart Nicholson

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Janette Mason – Wall to Wall Bowie

Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Wall to Wall Bowie is a celebration of the music of one of the greatest pop icons. Creator and musical director Janette Mason presents a fresh look at Bowie’s songs with new arrangements, jazz twists and a unique approach.

She has garnered a great reputation for her sell out shows and acquired a loyal fan base along the way. This EP represents a selection of songs from the live show featuring an amazing band of musicians and featuring her long-term collaborator David McAlmont, pop Diva extraordinaire, and the divine Sam Obernik, mistress of the dance music scene.

Ioannis Vafeas Trio – Catharsis (AVJ)

Mixing & Mastering

“Catharsis is a record that features a trio with great interplay, original arrangements, interesting compositions and an overwhelming energy that permeates the performances. It’s a truly successful album.”

Jazz Espresso

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Ben Crosland – Solway Stories (Jazz Cat Records)


“Solway Stories” represents another highly accomplished piece of work from Crosland.
The very personal circumstances behind the album’s creation have resulted in a set of carefully crafted and highly melodic compositions that are suitably enhanced by the playing of five excellent musicians.

The Jazz Mann

Dinosaur – To The Earth (Edition Records)


“Dinosaur’s To the Earth is an album of surety, quality and a justifiable sense of entitlement. This band know what they are doing; they are playing together, they are listening to each other – and they do this so well that what comes across is a sense that this is meant to be. They create a range of moods and themes while also stepping back to past influences and forward into new territory. Melodies are explored and the improvisation is joyful. Everyone gets to lead, dictate changes, follow and suggest an alternative route.

Dinosaur are four musicians with talent, integrity and – maybe above all – a sense of being part of this. To the Earth is a superb album”.

Something Else, Sammy Stein

The Coalminers – Old Records

Mixing & Mastering

“From time to time I stumble on a band that blows me away. The Sound that they’ve put down is perfect”.

Radio 2, Craig Charles 

John McLaughlin-Shankar Mahadevan-Zakir Hussein

Is That So? (Abstract Logix)


Is That So? is a lovely yet radical and provocative departure for McLaughlin and one he freely acknowledges longtime fans may not enjoy. It’s easy to see his point, but an honest approach to this quietly astonishing music should result in delight for most open-minded listeners.

All Music – Thom Jurek
Wild Card  – Beast from the East (Top End Records)


“What is great about this music is how the band swap and change in terms of atmosphere, intensity and drive. Each member of the trio plus guests finds a place in which to shine and are freely allowed to do so. Whether your thing is swing, energy, whether you like driving rhythms or emotive, stylish lines, there is something here for everyone and the CD is an enjoyable and classy creation.” – Sammy Stein

Vasilis Xenopoulos – Dexterity (AVJ Productions)

Mixing & Mastering

“All in all this is top notch hard bop played with authority, authenticity and conviction. The desire to communicate with the audience is clearly in the mind of all concerned, and on three numbers Xenopoulos is joined for frontline duties by the equally tasteful and sure footed Quentin Collins on trumpet, and indeed it is this quintet that kick off proceedings in a most agreeable manner with ‘Dexterity’, penned by the leader, a punchy theme and crisply executed solos that leaves all in no doubt about what we can expect from this enjoyable set.”, Nick Lea

Joy Ellis – Dwell (Otio)


“The whole of Dwell is nicely tied together by a distinctive sound which fully explores traditional jazz harmonies along with somewhat off-kilter rhythmic grooves. The pleasing variety of styles balances the powerful and rhythmic and the more reflective and calm textures. There are two instrumental tracks that shine as well: Mick Coady Says Hello and Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. These unleash the capable soloing abilities of Luft and Ellis to great measure.”

“A great second release from an exquisitely talented performer and composer.”

London Jazz News – Frank Griffith

Laura Jurd – Stepping Back, Jumping In (Edition Records)


“Stepping Back Jumping In” is a truly remarkable album, one that features what must surely be a unique instrumental line up.With so many diverse musical components and with so many hands involved in the composing process it really shouldn’t work, and yet it does, with Jurd’s vision, playing and presence the unifying force that brings it all together.”

The Jazz Mann,  Ian Mann

Babelfish – Once Upon a Tide (Moletone)   

Recording & Mixing

“Once Upon a Tide is a beautiful and intriguing album, full of superb musicianship and thrilling improvisation. It has many moods, like the tide it describes”.

London Jazz News – Alison Bentley

Q3 – The Monkey Puzzle Tree   

Mixing & Mastering

“Martin Hallmark – pianist and composer, leads this tight unit, comprised of master multi saxophonist Kevin Flanagan, super groovy Tiago Coimbra on 5 string electric bass and snappy, funky drummer Steve Hynes. The album of instantly accessible, mostly funk/fusion original compositions is recorded in crystal clear quality and played deftly with passion as well as eyebrow raising virtuosity from these gifted, empathetic musicians. There are moments of beauty too, especially on the waltz – ‘Tarka and the Mount’. A fine body of work from a great band.”

Nigel Price – March 2019

Alex Scheuerer – Between Heaven and Earth   


“I must have listen to it at least five times before reviewing and each time I was just blown away.

Off the Record – Thomas Neil

Sarah G CD cover 100x100Sarah Gillespie – Wishbones (weatherbox)   


“Wishbones is her fourth album in just under a decade and what a gem it is. It’s so brimming over with memorable characters and imagery, so alive with her characteristic wit, savvy and sensitivity, that it leaves the afterglow of a great short story collection as much as an album of songs. Gillespie’s band are on fire, and the woman’s gift for conjuring an ecstatic soaring chorus never more in evidence”“Without a doubt my album of the year”.  ***** (5 stars)

The Arts Howard Male

JM-Live in SF100x100John McLaughlin & Jimmy Herring – Live In San Francisco   


“After hearing this album, one can only speculate why McLaughlin waited so long to revisit the treasure trove of groundbreaking MO material. The 9-piece Meeting of the Spirits band delivers deft new readings of these MO staples with expanded depth and modern sound quality. There’s an undeniable thrill transmitted in the opening blasts of “Meeting of the Spirits” on this record. Embodied in them are not only the first bracing salvos heralding the MO’s birth in 1971, but also the promise of their long hoped-for reincarnation. From those notes on, that promise is gratifyingly fulfilled”

All About Jazz, Mike Jacob

soft machine_hidden details100x100Soft Machine – Hidden Details (DYAD Records)   

Mixing & Mastering

“Andrew Tulloch’s mix, superb throughout the album, is nothing short of breathtaking”

(The New York City Jazz Record)

‘Album Choice’, hi-finews

2018’s Softs aren’t resting on their laurels, they’re rearranging them and sticking them on the head of that pompous-looking statue in the town centre. Great stuff!”

Oz Hardwick

Ducomble-Aross the bridge100x100Gabrielle Ducomble – Across the Bridge (MGP Records)   

Mixing & Mastering

“There’s a warmth and yearning in Ducomble’s voice that reminds me of the late, great folk artist Sandy Denny, albeit with a jazz twist.Her blending of jazz with tango, chanson and folk influences has produced a hybrid that is very much her own. Her cool, elegant well enunciated vocals suit the music well and she’s surrounded by a first class band, with Meier at the helm and with violinist Jones making a particularly significant contribution”

The Jazz Mann, Ian Mann

Harrison-LWH100x100Frank Harrison & Brigitte Beraha – The Way Home (Linus Records)   

Mixing & Mastering

“This is a stunningly beautiful album from this intrepid duo. Full of wonderful melodies, sensitive accompaniment, and Beraha’s unique voice, this is a recording that I frequently finding myself getting lost in the intimate world of these remarkable musicians.”

“There has always been a penchant within jazz for quiet chamber like music, a different kind of swing if you like, and this album must rank along with the very best” , Nick lea,

RedAlert_cover_100x100Janette Mason – Red Alert (Dot Time Records)   

Producer & Engineer ( Rec, Mix & Master)

This excellent album sets out to carve a new landscape for contemporary jazz. Her exquisite piano playing and cinematic touch with synthesisers combine superbly with the tight groovesof Jack Pollitt and Tom Mason.

The Musician

WCLS_100x100Wild Card – Life Stories (Top End Records)   


Clever and musically interesting arrangements, with good choices of musicians and a perfect alignment of the stars have made for an entertaining and engaging album.,
Sammy Stein

Joy Ellis 100x100Joy Ellis – Life On Land (F-IRE CD)   


Startling debut from british singer-pianist-songwriter who sets her cool, poetic meditations on urban living to a suitably restless, sophisticated jazz soundscape, all asymmetrical grooves, harmonic density and courageous melodies. There’s a flavour of jazz-era Joni in the sheer musical facility and lyrical candour, but largely, this is highly original work that creates a world of it’s own.


EDN1098-Gary-Husband_100X100Gary Husband – A Meeting of Spirits (Edition Records)   


“Supreme Inventiveness, absolute creativity and unique and deeply moving piano music!! Truly inspiring!!”

Chick Corea

David MacGregorDavid MacGregor – Improvised Journey   


“David MacGregors’ Improvised Journey” is a journey indeed, a soulful winding tale that sonically captures the landscapes of a well traveled musician. The sonic quality of the this record is stunning with a lot of warm lows and mids, and just enough sparkle on top to really entice the senses.”

Henry Stax – CEO at Guitar Player Collective, Miami, USA

Atzmon_Trane100x100Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble
‘The Spirit of Trane’  (Fanfare)Mastering

Fifty years after Coltrane’s death, Gilad Atzmon, the expat Israeli saxophonist, clarinetist and author has recorded and is touring this dedication to the great American saxophonist, made with his Orient House Ensemble and the Sigamos String Quartet (Atzmon previously paid tribute to the genius of Charlie Parker on his 2009 album In Loving Memory of America). Here the saxophonist (who embraces Coltrane as “a man who transformed anger into love and plight into a humanist message”) emphasises the American’s tenderness over his revolutionary heat, but he’s dealing with Coltrane’s subjective impact, not mimicking a legacy. The tenor-sax soliloquy on Invitation is warmly romantic, then whirls upward against the quiver of the strings. Minor Thing is a hovering Coltrane-style lament and Blue Train is a flat-out triumph for Atzmon and pianist Frank Harrison, while Naima is a gentle dialogue with strings. It feels as if The Spirit of Trane, an emotional tribute to a master, comes closest to connecting the turbulent Gilad Atzmon’s heart and mindThe Guardian, John Fordham ****

McLaughlin_Ronnies100x100John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension – Live at Ronnie’s (Abstract Logix)


Earlier this year, on a two-night stand at Ronnie Scott’s, the 75-year-old guitar giant John McLaughlin (Jeff Beck, Pat Metheny and Chick Corea are among his famous fans, but he has also been a key pioneer of Asian-western fusions) spliced new material from his 4th Dimension quartet’s 2015 Black Light album with reworkings of his classic 70s jazz-fusion themes . This heavy-hitting but almost as often thoughtful live set is the result.  It’s a must for the gigs’ attendees, but also for all post-70s fusion fans, wherever they came in.

The Guardian, John Fordham  ****

Cars 3_100x100Disney PIXAR – CARS 3 Soundtrack Album
‘Freeway of Love’ by Lea DeLariaProducing, Recording & Mixing

Andrew was delighted to co-produce & engineer this track for the latest Disney PIXAR movie release ‘CARS 3’

World Peace Trio – worldpeacetrio100x100(enja Records)   


Invited to perform, in 2015, at Jakarta’s Kota Tua Jazz Festival and then at the Bali World Music Festival, Indonesian pianist/keyboardist Dwiki Dharmawan, British saxophonist/clarinettist Gilad Atzmon and Kuwaiti oud player/guitarist Kamal Musallam chose to consolidate their new-found partnership as the World Peace Trio.A stimulating project whose concordal ambitions are as much about world harmony as musical discovery, it’s tantalising to imagine how it might evolve by inviting guests from around the globe to add their cultural imprint

AP Reviews,  Adrian Pallant

London Stories_Maciek100x100Maciek Pysz & Gianluca Corona – London Stories (33 Jazz records)   


The openness of the textures and clarity of the notes is inspirational. London Stories is one to put on, play, chill to and enjoy”.

Something Else Reviews, Sammy Stein,

Theo Travisb2ap3_thumbnail_Open-air-green-front-2_100x100 – Open Air (Tonefloat Records)   

Recording & Mixing

“Possessed of a reach that has, over the past quarter century, found him traversing a remarkably broad expanse of the musical continuum, Travis continues to transform a concept similarly adopted by other musicians into something deeply personal and instantly recognizable. Call it jazz, call it prog, call it ambient. Call it anything you wish, but perhaps the best and most accurate description of Open Air is this? A musically deep and diverse yet emotionally soothing and eminently appealing record that positions Travis as a musician of great reach, infinite potential…and deserving of increased attention, as he continues to find himself the musician of choice for a great many others, even as he continues to build his own impressive discography.

All about Jazz, John Kelman *****

Umbilical100x100Benjamin Dwyer – Umbilical (Diatribe Records)   


Maya Homburger (Baroque Violin), David Adams (Harpsichord), Barry Guy (Double Bass)

TheSaoPauloTapes 100x100Monica Vasconcelos – The Sao Paulo Tapes   


New album of Brazilian resistance songs from Monica Vasconcelos, produced by Robert Wyatt.

dimitrissevdalis2_smallDimitris Sevdalis – Melodies From The Other Side   


Great New release from Pianist Dimitris Sevdalis.

Talinka QuartetTalinka 100x100 – Talinka   


“A Sensuous debut from not so much a band as a family. It would be easy to position Talinka as a sub-set of the Orient House Ensemble, considering the personnel. But liberated from drums, there’s an airy spaciousness about Talinka’s music that is never far from the taste of tears, which is a long way from Orient House’s intensity. That chap on sax and accordion has something about him too, though he’s most restrained on this outing, and perhaps all the more impactful for that”.

Jazzwise, Any Robson

“It is an album to put on when you are in a good mood in the knowledge your mood will still be good at the end”

Kind Of Jazz, Sammy Stein.

Kathryn Tickell & Friends Tickel_WOT cover100x100-Water Of Tyne (Magnetic North East)   

Mixing & Mastering

Lovingly curated by Kathryn Tickell for Magnetic North East and featuring Kathryn Tickell, Bob Fox, The Unthanks, Superfolkus, Hannah Rickard and more (including Kathryn’s dad Mike!) this collection places traditional folk songs alongside new material. Thirteen tracks based around the River Tyne, ranging from the classic ‘The Water Of Tyne’ to the poignant innocence of The Unthanks singing ‘Canny Keel Lad’ to the jazz-inflected soulfulness of Hannah Rickard on ‘Song For A River At Night’. You don’t have to be a Geordie to love this album. It’s full of great songs and laid-back instrumentals. Stick this on and breathe in the cool clear air of Northumbria

dinosaur100x100Dinosaur – Together, As One (Edition records)   


*Mercury prize Nomination 2017
*Jazz Album of the Year – Parliamentary Jazz Awards 2017

Imagine the impressionistic electric-jazz moodiness and glistening keyboard textures of Miles Davis’s In A Silent Way seamlessly wrapped around Celtic folk melodies, Django Batesian idiom-swaps, and interwoven with American, Scottish and north African drumming – and you might have a feel for this superb set from Laura Jurd, the young trumpeter who has made such an impact on UK jazz over four packed years.

Guardian ***** (5 Stars)

Tim One00x100Tim Garland – One (Edition Records)   


*Album of the year 2016* –  Jazzwise Critics poll

The prospect of a new Tim Garland album always raises the pulse… and unquestionably,ONE is no exception Well, here it is, in all its splendid jazz-rock magnificence, completing the quartet with Asaf Sirkis (from Lighthouse Trio days) on drums and percussion, plus guests Hossam Ramzy (percussion) and Dionne Bennett (vocals). It’s a thriller of a masterpiece, pretty much from start to finish, with Tim Garland’s instantly-recognisable vibrato and commanding presence heading up a wondrous complexity of textural arrangements, sparkling rhythms and fabulous virtuosity. Garland was, notably, a key player in legendary prog rock and jazz drummer Bill Bruford’s Earthworks line-ups, and the influence of that sound world is frequently apparent in many of these nine original compositions. Indeed, a similar level of detail certainly keeps this album on loud ‘repeat’ in the car CD player (no track-jumping here!) – a recording which adroitly achieves a perfect synthesis of slick production and spontaneous, improvisatory performance.

Succinctly… it’s difficult to recommend this album too highly.

Adrian Pallant, AP Reviews

Maryen Cairns – femina-australis-100x100Femina Australis   


“Celebrating the pioneering achievements of women in Australian society is something we don’t do anywhere near enough and folk singer/songwriter Maryen Cairns has taken up the cause in this stunning new album Femina Australis ”

The Lowdown Under

outofthesky100x100Vimala Rowe & John Etheridge – Out Of The Sky (DYAD)   

Producer & Engineer (Recording, Mixing & Mastering)

*Top Ten Jazz Albums of the Year 2016*
The Guardian/Sunday Times

Young singer Vimala Rowe took the role of Billie Holiday in Alex Webb’s music-theatre show Cafe Society Swing, but though flawless tributes to the great jazz vocalists are a speciality of hers, she is also an award-winning original composer, a sometime rap artist, and a world musician trained in Hindustani classical techniques. This beautiful album pairs her with chameleonic British guitarist John Etheridge, who has worked with Stéphane Grappelli, Soft Machine and John Williams. The pair sweep across musical horizons here: from the terrifying Nina Simone-like opening and quietly impassioned intimacies of Blue Breeze; the imploring east African ballad Malaika, sung in Swahili; to an Aramaic prayer given a haunting treatment of almost motionless power; and an effortlessly resonant account of Detour Ahead.

John Fordham, The Guardian

Yurodny_Haivka100x100Yurodny – Haivka (Diatribe Records)   


“Irish outliers Yurodny, led by saxophonist Nick Roth, may be fishing in the turbulent waters of the avant-garde, blending jazz, free improv, Balkan grooves and 20th-century classical harmony, but their nets also reach down to the slower, deeper undercurrents of traditional music. But if that all sounds just too esoteric by half, the results are not, and that perhaps is this group’s strength: they make their daring sonic explorations subject to the earthy, visceral impulses of traditional music-making”.

Cormac Larkin, The Irish Times ****(4 Stars)

Tafahum – OSMOSIS - TAFAHUM100x100Osmosis (Tafahum Records)   


“Tafahum is a new, vibrant and first class fusion group bringing together a core of outstanding, classically trained Eastern and Western musicians led by both critically acclaimed British conductor and composer Benjamin alongside Syrian born Ney (Middle Eastern flute) soloist Louai Alhenawi This is an enterprising new release that brings seamless and intuitive blending of traditions played by this terrific ensemble. They are finely recorded at the Eastcote Studios, London”

The Classical Reviewer

Alekos Vretos – alekosvretos_kontop_100x100K. on top   


All musical genre can be blended with one another. As I get older and more persnickety, I am coming to believe that just because two musical traditions can be blended that they necessarily should be. I have listened to countless experiments with cross-pollination that best have been left alone. Gratefully, this is not true of Greek musician and composer Alekos Vretos, who seamlessly divines the perfumed essence of Middle Eastern music, infusing that essence into jazz and creating a rich world music hybrid that is as enjoyable to listen to as it is bold to consider

Michael Bailey All about Jazz **** (4 stars)

MALIJA – EDN1064-Malija-The-Day-I-Had-Everything_100x100The Day I Had Everything (Edition records) CD/Vinyl   


Malija are a drummerless trio comprising Polar Bear saxophonist Mark Lockheart,Phronesis double-bassist Jasper Høiby, and the versatile Liam Noble. The three know each other’s work well (they came together in 2009 as part of the quintet on Lockheart’s In Deep album) but though they share a wavelength, this collaboration sounds strikingly fresh. Noble’s Blues warps regular blues harmony for Lockheart to muse quietly over; Squared is a jaunty bluegrassy jangle; Almost a Tango a bass and piano strut that tugs the saxophonist in and out of free jazz. One for Us is a ballad on which Lockheart adopts a feline, Stan Getzian sound, which he also unfurls around the luxurious sweeps of the Ligeti String Quartet on this set’s one classically angled piece. Høiby and Noble keep such emphatic grooves rolling that the absence of a drummer is barely noticeable, and the solos are terrific. The pleasure of this trio in their close relationship is infectiously evident all over the set.”

John Fordham, The Guardian **** ( 4 Stars)

Tim Richards Hextet – HextetCDCoverSmall100x100Telegraph Hill   


“British jazz. Over more than three decades, the ever-changing personnel of his bands has included some of our finest musicians, often at the very start of their careers. His own work, as player and bandleader, has been amazingly consistent – attractively melodic, harmonically rich and refreshingly unpompous. Hextet maintains the standard. Trumpeter Dick Pearce and saxophonist Ed Jones remain from the band’s predecessor, Great Spirit, alongside two brand new names, vibraphonist Ralph Wyld and drummer Peter Ibbetson. Bassist Dominic Howles completes a typically well-matched line-up. The 10 numbers, varied in pace and mood, are a joy from beginning to end”.

Dave Gelly, The Observer **** (4 stars)

Riot Jazz Brass Band – RiotJazz_Incoming100x100Incoming!   


Five years of non-stop, thunder-busting gigs later, the band’s tightly-knit, collective intuition for the live sound has come into full bloom. On Incoming!, this raw-wired energy is captured and distilled in 11 animated tunes, showcasing Riot Jazz Brass Band’s musical mastery in a sound-salad of afrobeat, drum’n’bass, funky grooves and hot jazz barnstormersIncoming!, which also sees drum’n’bass legend Tonn Piper preside over heavyweight track ‘Checkmate,’ came into being at the celebrated Blueprint Studios, where Elbow and Gorillaz have waxed their craft, under the super-duper vision of Fred Kindt and Andrew Tulloch, who’ve previously produced and engineered sound for Amy Winehouse and Kiss

Tim Garlandreturntothefire100x100 – Return to the Fire (Edition Records)   


A special edition vinyl & download only release featuring an all-star British Jazz line-up that celebrates some of the music and the musicians that have inspired Tim Garland’s career.“Back in 1995, rising British saxophonist Tim Garland began to put together and record his fourth solo project, Enter the Fire, with colleagues Jason Rebello (piano), Mick Hutton (bass) and Jeremy Stacey (drums), as well as bringing Gerard Presencer (trumpet, flugelhorn) into the fold; and the album was eventually completed and released in 1997. Twenty years down the line, now greatly-renowned UK saxophonist and composer Garland has rekindled the excitement of that significant moment by re-connecting with the same personnel, along with guest appearances from newer names on the scene. This is a recording whose confidence, fluency and out-and-out jazz feel-good becomes irresistible”

Adrian Pallant , AP Reviews

Gamelan 100x100Cork Gamelan Ensemble – The Three Forges (Diatribe Records)   


“Every now and again, an album winds its way into the ether then shakes up our sense of the known musical world. Cork Gamelan Ensemble do just that with this spine-tingling, spirit-rattling collection rooted in the Javanese orchestral instrument, the gamelan. UCC Professor of Music, Mel Mercier has long championed the gamelan, whose percussive energy introduces a fresh force field to the Irish soundscape”.”for those in search of an elastine sound that winds its way into the subconscious with sinuous ease, this is an unmissable collection”.

 Siobhan Long, The Irish Times *****

Gary HusbandGary Husband d_b_SE100x100 – Dirty & Beautiful Vol 1 Special Remix Edition
(Abstract Logic)Mastering & Re-MixSpecial Edition remix version of Gary’s highly acclaimed album
Foster_Satori100x100Clare Foster – Satori (33 Records)   

Mixing & Mastering

New album of English songs from Clare

Shoeless100x100Theo Jackson – Sholess and the Girl (Dot Time records)   

Mixing & Mastering

“Rarely does a debut album come up with the goods so consistently and wonderfully as this”

Mike Gates, UK Vibe

Organic Riot100x100Wild Card – Organic Riot (Top End records)   


“Wild Card’s music is a mix of jazz, funk, soul and rap and also includes elements of African and Latin music. The emphasis is very much on the groove.“Organic Riot” represents their most mature recorded statement to date”

Unfurled-cover-image100x100Streetworks – Unfurled (Big Shed Music)   


Karen Street’s latest creative project “Unfurled” is performed by her drumless quartet of accordion (played by Karen herself), saxophone by the honey-toned Andy Tweed, guitar by ever-creative Mike Outram and powerhouse bassist Will Harris”this attractively unusual CD is really about the band sound, and a lovely one it is. The accordion, almost in spite of itself, is constantly hinting at other musics, from folk tunes to tango, but its use here is individual, distinctively jazzy, and wholly effective. It is a nice lesson in how a mature, relaxed and undemonstrative player can, nevertheless, be the essential, central voice”

Jon Turney, London Jazz News

The Whistle Blower 100x100Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble – The Whistle Blower   


The expat Israeli musician Gilad Atzmon told Jazzwise magazine: “If my music wants to go in one direction, it will take me with it.”This eighth album by Atzmon’s powerful Orient House Ensemble goes in at least three directions: muscular Coltrane-like energy; melancholy tone-poetry drawing on the Turkish and Arabic inflections in the leader’s playing; cheerfully subversive clowning.

 The Guardian **** (4 stars)

Jurd Human Spirit100x100_jpg_srzLaura jurd – Human Sprirt (Chaos Collective)   


Packing an awful lot into a tight 46 minutes. It’s another substantial addition to modern British jazz from one of the most interesting composers and band leaders currently working here

Peter Bacon, The Jazzbreakfast

thumb_2_lodder-tied-up-with-strings100x100Steve Lodder – …Tied Up With Strings (Sospiro Records)   


British pianist Steve Lodder is one of those first-call sidemen for anybody attempting something off the beaten track – he’s a member of the current Bowie-interpreting Dylan Howe Band, and was a regular in the late George Russell’s UK orchestras, but he’s a cross-genre player with a devotion to keyboard music of all kinds. This solo album begins with a 14th-century piece from the earliest surviving keyboard-score manuscript, the robertsbridge-codex – which Lodder gently edges from a delicately ringing dance to a discreetly grooving improvisation. On his own Cranborne Chase he displays catchily bluesy turns and double-time bursts that suggest both Keith Jarrett and Abdullah Ibrahim; he plays the second movement of Bach’s Italian Concerto and the 16th-century virginal theme Monsieur’s Almain respectfully straight; and evokes Bill Evans’s conversational exchanges of chord-caresses and lightly swinging melody on Slippers Waltz. The most emotionally atmospheric piece is Lodder’s own spaciously abstract, Messiaen-like reverie Ronchamp; the most dramatic is an overdubbed feature dedicated to Joanna MacGregor. It’s an inspiring set for devotees of the piano, and for broadminded practitioners of it.

 The Guardian **** (4 Stars)

Cometome100x100Sirkis/Bialis Quartet – Come To Me (Stonedbird Productions)   

Mixing & Mastering

Choose your moment with this album – but late evening (“In the silence of the night, in the depth of nothingness”) is when its magic is especially revealed, with the space reflecting every nuance that has been placed and captured so crystal-clearly

Adrian Pallant, AP Reviews


“One last note of appreciation goes out to Andrew Tulloch who mixed and mastered the tracks to produce the high quality clean and pristine sound of the entire album. Hearing this music on a great sound system is mandatory. You will appreciate every second of this luscious and inspirational release by Asaf Sirkis and Sylwia Bialas all the more”.

John Pritchard, ***** (5 stars)

“Credit is also due to engineer Andrew Tulloch for an excellent mix”.

Ian Mann, The

Lifecycles100x100Engines Orchestra – Lifecycles (Boom Better)   

Mixing & Mastering

The young British saxophonist and composer Phil Meadows’ small ensemble has already revealed a personal take on New York downtown jazz and later Miles Davis – but his Engines Orchestra joins a raft of young jazz and classical musicians with the long-term objective of becoming a permanent commissioning and performance group without generic barriers. Best newcomer at the Parliamentary jazz awards, Meadows’ strings writing is lyrical and sophisticated, and smartly deployed to support and then sidestep his expressive reflections on saxes, Alice Zawadzki’s lustrous voice, edgy diversions into free-improv, and the inventive trumpet-playing of regular sidekick Laura Jurd. The rise of the title track’s melody out of deep brass hums and Elliot Galvin’s piano figures, the serpentine postbop of Intoxicated Delirium, and the melodic creativity on Prelude, Remembrance and Celebration, all amount to evidence that Meadows is going to be as significant a big-ensemble force as he has already been for small lineups.

The Guardian **** (4 stars)

Taylor_One DayMartin Taylor – One Day (P3 Music)   


The concept behind Martin Taylor’s first solo recording in four years was to get back to basics and create a more rootsy record.Recorded over 24 hours, Taylor sat down in his home studio to record what is perhaps his most personal record to date

Tina May_My Kinda Love100x100Tina May – My Kinda Love (Hepp Jazz)   


“Real jazz singers flourish in the company of good jazz musicians, and Tina May is a real jazz singer. She can sing a straight melody, such as I’m Through with Love, and make it open like a flower. She can swing effortlessly and invent a wordless scat chorus as tricky as anything her fellow musicians can deliver. And, led by saxophonist and arranger Frank Griffiths, they are among the best you will find anywhere. There’s nothing obvious or showy about these 12 performances, but as a demonstration of sheer all-round mastery of the jazz idiom, they would be hard to beat”.

Dave Gelly, The Observer ***** (5 Stars)

KT&The Side100x100Kathryn Tickell & The Side (Resilient records)   

Mixing & Mastering

“…blissfully intuitive and empathetic … magnificent.” Colin Irwin, fRoots.

“An elegant, beautifully played fusion.” Neil Spencer, The Observer.

ThatHat-001_booklet100x100_coverIntransit – Barlovento (That Hat Productions)   


Debut album from Colin McKenzie’s IntansitIntransit is based in London, UK and was formed in 2012 by bass guitarist Colin McKenzie. The members of Intransit have played in many musical genres with a diversity of artists and producers, some of these include:
Quincy Jones Productions, Jesus Alemani, Mutt Lange, Jamiroquai, Stewart Levine, Betty Davis, Paul McCartney, Alan Holsdworth, Glen Ballard, Swing Out Sister, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor Quartet, Changuito, Billy Ocean, Des’ree, Bobby Bradford, Trevor Watts, Gary Husband, Jeff Beck, Jason Yarde, Greg Osby, Tony Oxley, Don Rendell

D_Ranged100x100Janette Mason – D’Ranged ( Fireball Records)   

Producing + Recording Mixing & Mastering

Janette Mason, the UK-based session pianist and composer, doesn’t play as much jazz as the cognoscenti might like – and this almost entirely vocal set of classic R&B and soul hits keeps her fluent postbop chops even more modestly disguised. But for all her familiarity with the commercial mainstream, Mason can’t do anything obvious or unhip, and these covers benefit from three key choices – hiring the superb singers Gwyneth Herbert, David McAlmont, Vula Malinga, Claire Martin and Texan newcomer Tatiana “LadyMay” Mayfield; picking a subtle, jazz-steeped session band; and writing arrangements that sympathetically reinvent the songs. Mayfield soars and swerves over slinky Motown horn hooks and Paul Booth’s bluesy soul-sax on Stevie Wonder’s I Wish, Bowie’s Lady Grinning Soul gets an eerily irresistible treatment from McAlmont’s contemporary-Nat-Cole sound, and Ashes to Ashes (This Is Not America) finds Mason in grippingly Bad Plus-like instrumental mode. Claire Martin steers a pristine Blue Moon through a quirkily displaced arrangement, and Gwyneth Herbert flags up what a sophisticated jazz-ballad artist she remains on This House, and You Do Something to Me. It’s all beautifully produced, too.

John Fordham, The Guardian **** (4 stars)

freedoms-daughter100x100Jan Allain – Freedom’s Daughter (Big Boots Records)   


“Britains’ best kept songwriting secret”

Rolling Stone Magazine

GarlandSTNS_100x100Tim Garland – Songs to the North Sky (Edition Records)   


This imaginative and consummately crafted double set from Tim Garland splits between new work for his small band Lighthouse, and the chamber-orchestra piece of the title. Garland has been a fine original composer and much sought after instrumentalist (most notably for Chick Corea) since the 1980s, but this set really does feel like the tying-up of many threads in his life that have sometimes felt tantalisingly separated. Every necessary skill for such a big venture – from songwriting, to bandleading, to improvising, or composing a classical-orchestra score now seem to be in harmony with him. The tenor-sax anthem Uplift! (over Geoff Keezer’s racing piano ostinato) snaps the set into action, and the Lighthouse tracks consistently show how naturally Garland can mix Jan Garbarek-like atmospherics and soul-sax muscle. He subtly mingles Ant Law’s guitar, Asaf Sirkis’s percussion, John Patitucci’s bass virtuosity, or the voicelike qualities of a soprano sax on the ballad She’s Out of My Life. The orchestral scores reflect Tippett, Bartók and Vaughan Williams, evoking dark skies with jagged strings flashing across them like shooting stars, the thrash of stormy seas. It all took two years, but it feels like the culmination of a life’s work.

 The Guardian.***** (5 stars)

laubroch_Zurich100x100Ingrid Laubrock Octet – Zürich Concert (Intakt Records)   


New album from Ingrid Laubrock Octet

lunariscover100x100Frank Harrison – Lunaris (Linus records)   

Mixing & Mastering

There’s a change of line-up as the pianist welcomes the prodigious talents of double bassist Dave Whitford and, on drums, Enzo Zirilli. Between them, they spark something fresh – an approach which includes recurring celestial and planetary themes, as well as references to English landscape and folksong. Individually, the twelve pieces – Harrison originals and interpretations of standards, plus collaborative freestyle improvisations – are attractively constructed mini-masterpieces. Collectively, they form a well-balanced fifty-minute anthology of warmth, exploration, unpredictability and, ultimately, an overriding sense of equanimity.

Adrian Pallant, AP Reviews

Rainey_obbligato100x100Tom Rainey – Obbligato (Intakt records)   


Tom Rainey has been a fixture in New York’s Downtown scene since the early ’90s. The stalwart drummer’s current efforts have found him expanding his purview, collaborating with a new generation of creative improvisers. Working on original material with young Brooklyn-based artists like Ingrid Laubrock and Mary Halvorson, Rainey continues experiments in form and structure that he originally helped pioneer with his peers, including Tim Berne, Andy Laster and Tom Varner.Like an A-list football team, they live from moment to moment, but everyone knows where everybody is – and this fearless set might just appeal to straight-jazz fans and the improv hardcore alike.

John Fordham, The Guardian

2013-lindis_th100x100The Alistair Anderson Band A Lindisfarne Gospel (White Meadow Records)   


Beautiful, imaginative and powerfully evocative, A Lindisfarne Gospel is a fine addition to Northumbrian music

Alex Monaghan The Living Tradition

Daniels_atmosKate Daniels – Atmospherics (Loxford Records – K2)   

Mixing & Mastering

The new album from jazz singer Kate Daniels. In a style she calls Jazz Noir, Kate evokes Julie London and the cellar bars of the 1950’s. With distinguished musicians including John Etheridge, Tony Coe, Alec Dankworth and John Horler, Kate has created arrangements of classic songs, inspired by the haunting imagery of post-war film noir

JBSpencerJohn B Spencer – Bluesman (Irregular records)   

Recording & Mixing

Finally getting its posthumous release ‘Bluesman’ is the last album recorded by John B Spencer before his death in 2002. Lovingly mixed and mastered.John’s last work ‘Bluesman’ is very possibly his best, he was aware when recording that it could be his last vocal performance. The session was completed posthumously by Bernard O’Neill. John’s inimitable husky voice comforts the stripped down sound of this country/folk yet bluesy album. The album features the talents of such greats as Martin Simpson, Graeme Taylor and Danny Thompson (who makes his vocal debut) among others.

Dub-DontDub Colossus Dub Band – Dub Don’t Live Here Anymore (Echomaster)   


With this EP, the latest incarnation of Dub Colossus Dub Band is musically and lyrically distinct from the releases that preceeded it.  After 3 albums and 3 EPs released worldwide on Real World Records the band appears on the ECHOMASTER imprint for the first time.Musically, this is the spirit of The Specials seen through a Funkadelic  lens, with a sprinkling of psychedelic dubstep on Forbidden Planet


Kubricks EP100x100The Kubricks – Wasters & Wannabes   

Producing + Recording Mixing & Mastering

Wasters & Wannabes’ is the debut release from the 7-piece band and features five stonking Ska-infused tracks.   Delivering infectious hit after hit, these well-sculpted songs showcase a real talent for witty tongue-in-cheek observations about modern living in London.

 The songs, conceived in London’s East End during the Olympic Summer of 2012, were then recorded under the watchful eye of producer Andrew Tulloch (Robbie Williams, The Charlatans, Madness) at The Blue Studio, London.


Watt-Roy100x100Norman Watt-Roy – Faith & Grace ( Cadiz Music )   


Norman Watt-Roy is a one-off and this album is a testimony to both his talent and his essential place in the last 46 years of rock history**** (4/5)

Pete Feenstra, Get Ready To Rock ****

Meadows100x100Phil Meadows Group – Engines Of Creation ( Boom Better Records)   

Mixing & Mastering

TALK ABOUT setting the bar high with a debut release! A lot of fun was had during the recording of Phil Meadows Group’s ‘Engines of Creation’. I wasn’t there… I wasn’t involved… but I just know from the impassioned and entertaining performances here!

Adrian Pallant, AP reviews

Shepherds100x100_frontAsaf Sirkis – Shepherd’s Stories  (Stonedbird Productions)   


“Consistency of sound, lots of space in the music and, of course, its overriding sense of beauty.

Charlie Dunlap, Listomania

glory-days100x100Sarah Gillespie – Glory Days   


Flamenco-dancing pigeons, pumpkin pie, Charlie Sheen and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn all crop up on this British singer-songwriter’s Gilad Atzmon-produced third album.Her humorous impressionistic lyrics oscillate between the intimate and the infinite against a backdrop of bluesy acoustic guitar, accordion and double bass. In an increasingly X Factor-ised world, unique talents such as Ms Gillespie’s should be savoured and supported.

Howard Male, The Independent ****

cover_208_a.inddIngrid Laubrock’s Anti House – Strong Place ( Intakt Records)   


With Strong Place, New York-based German saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock moves one step further in cementing her place at the heart of the Big Apple’s fertile Brooklyn scene. Already on a roll with her plangent contributions to a series of stunning music including Sleepthief’s Madness of Crowds (Intakt, 2011),it’s unfair to pick out highlights as every nook and cranny on this wonderful record demands in depth appreciation and amply rewards the time spent.

John Sharpe, All About Jazz

Softs BOPSoft Machine Legacy – Burden Of Proof (MoonJune)   

Mixing & Mastering

“A special mention must go to Andrew Tulloch who mixed and mastered this album as the sound is incredible, allowing every touch and nuance to shine through”

Kev Rowland,

awale100x100Awale – Just Have to Grow ( Saltfish)   


Debut release from Thibaut Remy’s multicultural Afro Beat outfit

SOTM_Atzmon100x100Gilad Atzmon – Songs of the Metropolis (World Village)   


On Songs of the Metropolis, Atzmon makes a virtue of his peripatetic existence, offering eight fine original compositions inspired by cities around the world where he has performed, from Paris and Berlin to Buenos Aires and his native Tel Aviv. But perhaps the standout is the album’s only cover, an energetic reworking of Scarborough Fair, in which Atzmon and the excellent pianist Frank Harrison do to the old parsley-sage tune what John Coltrane and McCoy Tyner did to My Favourite Things

Cormak Larkin, Irish Times

RonanKeating_100x100Ronan Keating – Live 2013   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

Recorded live at Bristol’s Colston Hall

The Rambling Boys Of Pleasure – Rambling Boys of Pleasure   


This debut EP by Irish group The Rambling Boys Of Pleasure serves as an introduction to their music and their playing

Robbie Williams -Live At The O2 (Farrell Music Ltd)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

Exclusive deluxe triple CD live albums from each of Robbie Williams’ three sold out shows at the O2 Arena, London. Recorded & Mixed by Andrew

Concert Live

Tim Lapthorn – Transport (Pathway)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

Featuring eight original compositions, this stunning new album is Tim Lapthorn’smost ambitious project to date. The album features the acclaimed
Navarra String Quartet as well as some of the UKs leading jazz musicians
including Arnie Somogyi & Stephen Keogh. The music draws on jazz, classical,
blues and gospel influences and is reflective, spacious and exciting.
Haunting melodies form the basis of rich, textural arrangements
and improvised explorations which take the listener on a journey

Kathryn Tickell – Northern Voices (Park Records)   


Of all the richly multifarious projects encompassed by Kathryn Tickell’s nearly 30-year career to date – including collaborations with Sting, The Chieftains, Penguin Café Orchestra, Evelyn Glennie and Andy Sheppard  Northumbrian Voices is perhaps the one she was born to create. Interweaving songs, tunes and spoken-word narrative, performed by a six-strong cast spanning three generations, it leads listeners on a magical, moving, humbling and often hilarious journey through the culture and lore of her family’s native North Tyne Valley: the very heartland of her world-renowned prowess on the Northumbrian pipes, and as a fiddler and singer

Horizontal Sunday – It’s Complicated   


With an astounding fusion of new and old, combining the traditional with the contemporary, Horizontal Sunday are cresting the wave of the current folk revival. This is their debut album: ‘It’s Complicated’.

The Charlatans – Tellin’ Stories Live (Concert Live)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

Recorded live in London during their recent UK tour. The band performed all the material from the hugely succesful 1997 album ‘Tellin’ Stories.

Peter Borthwick – This Moment   

Mixing & Mastering (additional recording)

Up-and-coming Jazz sensation Peter Borthwick’s debut album THIS MOMENT is an up tempo and refreshing collection of songs from the 50’s to the 80s, ranging between swing, funk and Latin vibes. Performing alongside a stellar collection of musicians including legendary saxophonist Alan Barnes, singer, comedienne and Broadway Artiste Lea DeLaria and pianist and composer Janette Mason the album showcases Borthwick’s talent as a singer and his infectious joie de vivre

Sarah Gillespie – The War On Trevor   


A thought provoking piece of work that will help to keep Sarah Gillespie in the public eye. Intelligent and confrontational she’s one of the most interesting female artists around in any genre.

Ian Mann, The

Jenna Reid – Morning Moon (Lofoten Records)   


There’s an exuberance in her playing that comes flying out of tunes such as the Scott Skinner speed test, AA Gladstone, on the opening set and speaks loudly of someone having a great time in the company of friends and family, Her own Goran Berg’s is a fabulous romp, featuring piano, bass, drums, nyckelharpa, flute and accordion supporting the fiddle; but her playing of Ian Powrie’s Big Dougal, a classic slow air with a gorgeous melodic twist, her reading of her teacher Willie Hunter’s soulfully evocative Leaving Lerwick Harbour, and her duet with piano master Harris Playfair on the beautiful closer, Nellie’s Favourite, really bring out the goosebumps.

Rob Adams, The Herald

Matthaios Tsahourides & Stathis Nikolaidis – Meliris (Meliris Music)   

Producing Recording Mixing & Mastering

Meliris” stands out from any other modern Pontic music production. We availed ourselves of the advanced technology and experience of contemporary western European musical productions, and applied them to our own, Pontic musical discography. In this way, “Meliris” could be a ‘model’ for any future Pontic music records. Stathis Nikolaidis, one of the greatest singers in the Greek Pontic musical tradition is the main singer in the album. Other contributors include singers Pela Nikolaidou and Konstantinos Tsahouridis, lyricists Christos Antoniadis, Vasilis Moesiadis, Nikolaos Xenitopoulos, Alexis Parcharidis and Eleni Afentouli, musicians Asaf Sirkis (percussion), Numan Elyer (darabuka, riqq) and Arnie Somogyi (double bass). “Meliris” was recorded mixed and mastered in London by Andrew Tulloch

dubmetender100x100Dub Colossus – Dub Me Tender  ( Real World Records )   

Mastering   **Songlines Award 2013**

…Dub Colossus is just an outstanding sound and concept that one can’t allow to pass them by.   press review,

Neil Yates – Five Countries ( Edition Records)   

Editing Mixing & Mastering

The Trio evokes the warm intimacy of a conversation with friends, beautifully recorded to give crystal-clear definition of the instruments in a satisfying and varied programme

Ron Burnett, The Press

Tom Rainey Trio – Camino Cielo ( Intakt Records)   


Tom Rainey’s trio with Ingrid Laubrock and Mary Halvorson is very much an integrated ensemble. Laubrock is a saxophonist of unusual textural sensitivity and intellectual savvy, who can summon up proper deposits of abandon, knowing restraint and sly references to jazz’ past in the midst of her purely improvisational explorations. Halvorson, one of the important “avant-jazz” guitarists of her generation, takes the abstracting and deconstructionist influence and has come up with her own way of melding that freestyling painterliness with shards of line and sonics. Together, they make a refreshing new and not-sentimental kind of beautiful music

Tatsuro Sasada & Hiroki Wako– Stelo Veranda ( Freed records)   


Beautiful songs fusing acoustic and atmospheric electronic instruments from Japanese artists Tatsuro & Hiroki

Frank Harrison– Sideways (Linus Records)   

Mixing & Mastering

“Sideways” has been a long time coming but has been well worth the wait. It’s an intelligent, musicianly album with some first rate original tunes and some ingenious interpretations of standards. Recorded in Berlin and London by engineers Rainer Robben and Andrew Tulloch the sound is again immaculate and the playing likewise. Bass player Davide Petrocca, an Italian living in Germany represents an exciting new discovery and is a major factor in the album’s success. Although little known to UK audiences he has accrued a considerable reputation in Europe where he has toured with guitarist Martin Taylor, pianist Monty Alexander and many others.

Ian Mann, The

Mr Mcfalls Chamber – Birds & Beasts ( Delphian Records)   


“Mr McFall’s Chamber, Fraser Fifield and their guests have created a wonderful thing; a collection of recordings that not only pays tribute to Martyn Bennett’s skill as a composer, arranger, musician and entertainer, but develops his music beyond what he was able to accomplish in his lifetime, and in the direction he would have wished.”

Folk Radio UK

Matt Dibble – Daytime TV (Gongo Records)   


“It’s got a real feel of classical pastoral ’70s British pop – Love It”

Stuart Maconie, Radio 2

Samuel Yirga– Hagere ( Real World Records)   


Samuel Yirga’s musical life so far has been full of obstacles: social restrictions, family regulations, hurdles thrown up by the reality of life. Yet in the face of all of this, the young and gifted pianist who grew up in the capital of Ethiopia and the centre of the heady mix of music known as Ethiojazz, has at last had his time to shine.

Ranjit Barot – Bada Boom ( Abstract Logix/ EMI India )   


Fusion and classical Indian rhythms merge on this spectacular confluence of styles. Drummer Ranjit Barot erupts on the opening East-meets-West salvo “Singularity,” a time-shifting number with blazing solos from electric bassist Matthew Garrison, veena master Punya Srinivas and guitar great John McLaughlin. The Nirvana String Section adds majesty to the proceedings on “T = O,” which features a staggering solo from electric mandolinist U. Srinivas. “Revolutions,” in memory of Charlie Mariano, is a modern reworking of a traditional Carnatic number, while “Supernova,” with Remember Shakti bandmates Srinivas and tabla master Zakir Hussain, is a tribute to the legendary Ustad Alla Rakha. Tim Garland’s 15-piece Underground Orchestra punctuates the ambitious “Dark Matter,” a track that also showcases Barot’s South Indian konnakol vocals

Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

Sleepthief– The Madness Of Crowds (Intakt Records)   


New release from Ingrid Laubrock’s Sleepthief

Soft Machine LegacyLive Adventures   

Mixing & Mastering

“With Live Adventures, Soft Machine Legacy makes a forceful case that the music of Soft Machine is as relevant and ripe with possibility today as it was in the band’s heyday. Longtime fans and new converts alike can take heart in the knowledge that the Soft Machine family tree, with its deep roots in the musical revolution of the ‘60s, continues to sprout new limbs in the new century and shows no signs of slowing. The legacy is in very good hands indeed.”

Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble (World Village )   


“Riotous mix of oompah music-hall cavortings, slurred-pitch Middle Eastern rhapsodising, luxuriously sensuous clarinet love-songs, and stormy collective blasts reminiscent of the 1960s John Coltrane quartet

John Fordham, The Guardian ****

DubC100x100Dub Colossus – Addis Through The Looking Glass ( Real World Records)   

Mastering    ** Awarded best album of 2011 by**

Nick Page says his aim is to constantly surprise, and the second Dub Colossus album achieves just that with its fusion of Ethiopian jazz and traditional styles, dub reggaeand widescreen, and atmospheric instrumentals.Dub Colossus went on to prove that they were also a rousing live band, and now (after a brief delay while Page launched another successful fusion band, Syriana) comes this epic and confident new set.

Robin Denselow, The Guardian 4stars

MTH_100x100Mott The Hoople (Concert Live)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

October 1st saw the live return of one of the best loved Rock & Roll bands of all time: Mott The Hoople. It had been 40 years since this highly influential band formed in 1969, and over 35 years since the original line-up has played together.  Concert Live were delighted to record the bands comeback show at  Hammersmith Apollo on the 1st October creating an instant CD for fans to take home straight after the show

Thunder100x100Thunder – 20 Years And Out (Concert Live)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

Exclusive live 3CD set recordings of Thunder were taken at their shows at Manchester Academy (3rd July), Wolves Civic (10th July) and Hammersmith Apollo (11th July) The shows featured a whole host of classic material spanning their 20 years together

John Martin Quartet– Dawning (F-ire Collective)   

Mixing & Mastering

“the lyrical sway of Andy Sheppard, the atmospherics of Jan Garbarek, the pensiveness of Kenny Wheeler and the country-chime of early Keith Jarrett…. this quartet are players of real promise”

John Fordham,The Guardian

 Kevin Henderson– Fin da Laand Ageen (Sungaet)   


“In its understated way this collection beautifully illustrates the often made point that traditional tunes need only to be played, not played about with, to maintain their currency, charm and power. Henderson plays with a lightness of touch and gracefulness that bring out myriad qualities……a pared down seductive gem”

Rob Adams, The Sunday Herald

Sarah Gillespie– In The Current Climate   


“From the title on, everything about this album proclaims a sharp intelligence. An album of infinite richness, Climate proves that idiosyncrasy isn’t dead yet”

Mike Butler, Manchester Evening News

Lea Delaria– Be a Santa (Warner Classics)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

I know, I know – but wait until you hear it. From the opening scat version of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” to the final, not-quite-bebop “White Christmas”, this is the Christmas album for 2010, and not an uneasy or mawkish moment in the whole 11 numbers. Lea DeLaria is a good jazzsinger who knows precisely how far you can go in swinging a straight song without tearing it apart. Good solos, too, by some of Britain’s A-team, including trumpeter Martin Shaw and Anthony Kerr on vibes, and simple but delicious arrangements by Janette Mason.

Dave Gelly, The Observer

Penny Rimbaud/Crass Collective – How? (Babel Label)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

6 tracks, 54 minutes. The poetry of jazz and the jazz of poetry. Penny Rimbaud’s How? by Crass Agenda, recorded live and unrehearsed at the Vortex, is a big slab of hardcore “beat cafe” experience, a long poem in response to Allen Ginsberg’s famous Howl.

Mili100x100Mili Davies – Evie’s Song (The Guitar Label)   


‘an absolute must for anyone interested in modern, six-string based classical music… her virtuosity is aparent from the very first track…”

musician magazine, uk

Ingrid Laubrock– Anti House ( Intakt )   


German saxist Ingrid Laubrock, a creative presence on the London contemporary jazz scene since the 1990s, has moved to New York, and the impact on her work is palpable. This group, featuring the innovative guitarist Mary Halvorson (an explorer of experimental rock as well as free jazz), is more inviting than Laubrock’s earlier Sleepthief trio, which also featured Tim Berne drummer Tom Rainey but had a more clinically investigative air. Laubrock’s expressiveness takes in austere, somewhat contemporary-classical melodies suggestive of the late Steve Lacy, snorting Evan Parker-like maelstroms (dynamically partnered by Halvorson in metallic-thrash mode) and at times a kind of free-grooving postbop. The pieces are short, varied, and half of them get additional fizz from the dramatic Canadian pianist Kris Davis. Though some of the motif-swapping strategies sound a shade robotic, Anti-House is a vivid indication of Laubrock’s growing independence – and Halvorson’s Derek Baileyesque scrambling runs, Hendrix distortions, wild on-the-fly detunings and massaged jazz-guitar grooves offer constant diversions.

John Fordham, The Guardian

Jeff Healey– Mess of Blues ( Ruf Records)London   

Live tracks recorded by Andrew

Sadly, Jeff Healey died shortly before the release of Mess Of Blues, his first blues-rock oriented recording in eight years. The rare form of cancer that robbed Healey of his eyesight at the age of one finally caught up with him and took his life. Mess Of Blues shows that the singer, guitarist, and bandleader was still having a lot of fun knocking out the blues, and the proof is in the grooves. The album’s blend of guitar-driven blues and roots-rock is exactly what fans requested, and provides a perfect coda for the talented Healey’s career. (Ruf Records)

Asaf Sirkus– Letting Go ( Stonedbird Productions)   


Letting Go goes back to instrumental jazz-rock before it ironed out the creases and became an f-word’.‘Sirkis’ magnificent presence is always tempered by an acute sensitivity to group principles’’.

Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise, Oct 2010

Kathryn Tickell– The Best of ( Park Records )   


A two disc set celebrating Kathryn’s career to date.

Monster Ceilidh Band– Mechanical Monster   


“The marriage of energetic ceilidh music with electro sounds and beats is a huge success. It seems certain that a live show would be frenetic and dynamic, but Monster Ceilidh Band have succeeded, on both discs, to relay that energy onto a recording. No mean feat!”

Liz Ozman, Bright Young Folk

War Of The Worlds – Alive On Stage ( Concert Live )   

Recording, Mixing & Mastering

30th Anniversary tour recorded for live album

Bad Company– Live at Wembley ( Concert Live )   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

This album was Recorded,Mixed & Mastered live for sale immediately after the concert.

Lea Delaria– The Live Smoke Sessions ( Warner Jazz )   

Mixing & Mastering   **Grammy Nomination**

“There is sophisticated jazz method in Ms. DeLaria’s raucous bluster. She swings hard, and scats and bends notes in a style that suggests a no-frills Betty Carter on steroids. Two other forerunners are Frances Faye and Carmen McRae, who both also resisted appealing to the tender emotions. Because Ms. DeLaria takes such obvious delight in disturbing the peace, you might describe her sound as a joyful noise.”New York Times

Amy Macdonald– Live 2010   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

Recorded live in Hamburg

Escape– Jenna & Bethany Reid ( Lofoten Records )   

Mixing & Mastering

Now here’s an intriguing notion. Take a story from modern history, in this case involving Shetlanders and Norwegians during World War II, and set it to music in the traditional styles of Scotland and Scandinavia. The Reid sisters have done a splendid job of composing a dozen pieces to accompany the story of Jan Baalsrud, a resistance fighter trained in Scotland and returned to Norway by the famous Shetland Bus on a disastrous mission to sabotage Nazi war efforts.

Alex Monaghan, The Living Tradition

Public Image Ltd – Alife (4 Worlds Media)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

Fronted by the legendary John Lydon, these strictly limited edition live albums were recorded at the PiL’s shows in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester & London in December 2009 by Andrew.

Paul Rodgers– Live at Hammersmith Apollo   

Mixing & Mastering

The great singer Paul Rodgers (ex Free) recorded live in London.


Syriana– Al Bidayeh (Real World Records)   


Syriana is both a group and an imaginary realm where the music of the Middle East meets western film scores. The Arabic dulcimer (gunun) is the focal point, but the palette includes swaying string sections, surf guitars, jazzy bass and Damascus divas. The soundscapes are of dusty plains and busy city streets with a dash of cold war menace in the mix – hence a take on the Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)theme that will thrill John Barry fans. This four-track EP makes a juicy taster for autumn’s album.

Neil Spencer, The Observer

Janette Mason– Alien Left Hand (Fireball Music)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

Nominated for best Jazz CD at the Parliamentary Jazz Awards 2010

Elton John– Live 2009   


This is a live album of Elton’s ‘Red Piano’ tour mastered for re-release

Chris Haig – Off the Wall   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

If Yorkshire-born Chris Haigh,a stalwart of the London fiddle scene,is new to you, Off the Wall is a good introduction to his versatile but distinctive playing.
The Texas Swing and American Contest-Style fiddling closest to his heart get a
decent airing here, and Chris, a player whose fingerboard doesn’t have what some of us call a “dusty end”, is up and down the neck like greased lightening.Tom and Jerry, the Roxanna Waltz and Howdy Forrester’s Wild Fiddler’s Rag , all ably backed by guitarist Andrew Tulloch, display his virtuosity and
showmanship, the entertainment factor is high throughout.

Pete Cooper, FRoots

Martin Taylor’s Spirit of django– Last Train to Hauteville ( P3 Music)   

Mixing & Mastering

If you can imagine the ideal soundtrack to driving through the scented country roads of France on a hot lazy summer’s day then it would be the music of Martin Taylor’s Spirit of Django. To mark the 100th Anniversary of the birth of one of the founders of European jazz Django Reinhardt, Martin Taylor has reformed his award winning group Spirit of Django after a 15 year hiatus for the new album, ‘Last Train to Hauteville’.

Tim Garland– Libra ( Globalmix)   

Mixing & Mastering

Released in February 2009, Tim Garland’s album Libra was recorded in both studio and live settings, with music for his award-winning Lighthouse Trio (Tim Garland, Gwiliym Simcock and Asaf Sirkis) that includes Frontier, with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.“The latest chapter in a fascinating journey for Garland. Deft, exciting, uplifting music. Quite possibly the finest album by a British musician in recent times.” Jazzwise“The imagination of Tim Garland….ranges from across far more territory than most jazz players assume is rightfully theirs…Rhapsodic.”

**** The Guardian

Portico Quartet– Knee Deep In The North Sea (Babel)   

Mastering          **Mercury Prize Nomination**

“Portico Quartet are currently le dernier cri in London—awards nominations, MTV sync deals and top-end TV and radio sessions are being thrown their way like confetti. Knee Deep In The North Seais the quartet’s debut album and it proves to be great stuff, deserving of much of the media cavalcade.”Chris May

KISS– Alive 35  (Concert Live)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

KISS celebrated 35 years in the business by allowing their European tour to be        captured live.Andrew recorded & mixed each show for sale immediately after the gig.

Louis Stewart & The Frank Harrison Trio– You’ve Changed(Dessert Island Jazz)   

Mixing & Mastering

“You’ve Changed” sees Harrison’s regular trio of Scottish wunderkind Aidan O’Donnell (bass) and Stephen Keogh (drums) in the company of Irish guitarist Louis Stewart. The idea for this generation spanning collaboration came from Stewart’s fellow countryman Keogh who had played with Stewart in the past.Stewart is something of a veteran; born in 1944 he has played with great British names such as Tubby Hayes and Ronnie Scott and accompanied Americans of the calibre of Lee Konitz, Gerry Mulligan and Benny Goodman. As long ago as 1968 he won the press award as best soloist at the Montreux Jazz festivalLike ” First Light” the album was recorded in Italy to the highest technical standards with Andrew Tulloch again engineering. The album was co-produced by Keogh and Harrison. Ian Mann Review

Martin Taylor– Freternity CD & DVD – (P3 Music).   

Recording Mixing & Mastering   

New CD & DVD release from the legendary guitarist, recorded during summer 2006 on the Isle of Man using the Blue Mobile. The album & DVD soundtrack were mixed & mastered at the Blue Studio by Andrew.It’s a straightforward presentation with no gimmicks, just virtuoso performances, clearly filmed and well recorded. Besides the quintet tracks there are fabulous guitar solos on Stella By Starlight and Hymn A L’amour, and a delightful duet for trumpet and guitar on Li’l Darlin’. The DVD has two bonus tracks and a very enjoyable conversation between old friends Martin and Guy. Peter Bevan, The Northern Echo

Tom Arthurs & Richard Fairhurst– Mesmer – (Babel Label)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

Andrew recorded this album at Potton Hall in the beautiful country surroundings of Suffolk. The peace & tranquility of the place is reflected in the music along with the great acoustics.’This is music to hear pin drops by… in essence it’s the chance to eavesdrop on two considerable intelligences communing without words – and that’s not something you get everyday.’ [Jazzwise]

Faithless– Live – (Sony/BMG)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

A collection of albums recorded and mixed live by Andrew during Spring 07 using The Blue Mobile recording van.

Wet Wet Wet– Live 2007 (Concert Live)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

The Wets 2007 tour recorded and mixed by Andrew for sale after each concert

The Magic Numbers– This Is A Song (Just For You) ( EMI / Heavenly)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

This is a limited edition alternative version of the band’s new single ‘This Is A Song’ recorded,Mixed & mastered by Andrew.

Northern Sinfonia Tim Garland Chic Corea– The Mystery – (Audio B)   


New orchestral music from prolific composer Tim Garland, this album features The Northern Sinfonia and has a guest appearance from legendary pianist & composer Chic Corea.The album was mastered by Andrew.

The Cinematic Orchestra– Ma Fleur Live At The Barbican – (Ninja Tunes)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

Andrew had the pleasure of mixing this live performance at The Barbican in London. This was performed to coincide with the release of the new album ‘Ma Fleur’

Brett Anderson– Live In London – (Drowned In Sound Recordings)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

Suede ex frontman Brett Anderson touring his debut solo album. The limited edition live CD was recorded by Andrew at The Shepherds Bush Empire in London.

The Magic Numbers – Live at Kentish Town Forum ( EMI / Heavenly)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

2 shows recorded & mixed Live in London for sale immediatley after the concert. The shows were recorded using The Blue Mobile

Keane– Live 06 ( Universal Island Records Ltd) ( Concert Live)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

Andrew was asked to record and mix each of the band’s October tour shows live for a limited edition CD with the Blue Mobile. The albums were packaged and available to buy 10 minutes after the show ended each night. With no opportunity for post-production, the onus was to get the mix to sound right first time for each show.

Deacon Blue– Live ( Deacon Blue 2006/Concert live)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

15 shows recorded/mixed & mastered live to CD during the band’s November 06 tour. The albums were on sale immediatley after each show.

Madness– On stage ( Lucky Seven Records/Concert Live)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

The mighty Madness went on tour during December 2006 and were captured live by Andrew for albums sold after each of their crazy shows.!

Gilad Atzmon– Artie Fishel And The Promised Band (WMD Records)   


Be ready to be amazed as Atzmon and co introduce you to the madcap genius of Artie Fishel (a brilliant but confused saxophonist who is convinced that jazz was born in the ghettos of Eastern Europe and is determined to bring it back home). Mastered by Andrew at The Blue Studio.

Bill Bruford / Tim Garland– Earthworks Underground   

Mixing & Mastering

Bruford and Garland recorded this album with an all star American band at the Iridium Jazz club in NYC. It was mixed and mastered here at The Blue Studio in London by Andrew.

Frank Harrison Trio– First Light   

Mixing & Mastering

Debut album from stunning pianist Frank Harrison.

This album was recorded in Italy, then mixed and mastered by Andrew at The Blue Studio. The production values were extremely high and the end result is well worth checking out.musicians: Frank Harrison – Piano Aidan O’Donnel – Double Bass Stephen Keogh – Drums

Shan Chana, Kuljit Bhamra– Himalaya Dawn   


‘A truly outstanding album of tabla and percussion based grooves, featuring guest artists from India. The CD also features a Bangra remix of the Bee Gees classic ‘ Staying Alive’ and was mastered at ‘The Blue Studio’ by Andrew’.

Sangeeta– The Best of Sangeeta – (Keda Records)   


Mastered by Andrew, a truly outstanding complation of 22 hits by UK’s top female vocalist. This cd also includes trance and house mixes of a brand new bonus track ‘Calling’ and dance mixes by DJ Raj.

Andrew Cronshaw– OCHRE – (Cloud Valley Music)   


Musicians from the traditions of the Middle East, Greece & Wales gathered together on the south west tip of Wales to create new music inspired from English folk tunes. The album was mastered at The Blue Studio by Andrew.

Musicians : Andrew Cronshaw – zither, fujara & ba-wu; Abdullah Chhadeh – qanun & oud; Llio Rhydderch – triple-harp; Natacha Atlas – vocals; Mattaios Tsahourides – lyra; Ian Blake – bass clarinet, clarinet, soprano sax & piano; Bernard O’ Neill – double bass.

Bill Bruford– ‘ Random Acts of Happines’ ( Summerfold Records)   

Mixing & Mastering

Bill Bruford’s new release ‘ Random Acts of Happiness’ was recorded live at Yoshi’s, California. The tapes were then catapulted across the Atlantic to ‘The Blue Studio’ in London where Andrew mixed and mastered the project on a Pyramix system.”…swinging, grooving, and invigorating.” Jazz Times. May 2004

Musicians : Bill Bruford – drums; Mark Hodgson – ,bass; Steve Hamilton – piano; Tim Garland – saxophones, flute & bass clarinet.

Filska– ‘ A Thousand Miles Away’ ( Foot Stompin Records)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

The latest offering from Filska, an exciting new Celtic band from The Shetland Islands. The album was recorded in Scotland at Castle sound Studios by Stuart Hamilton and Andrew. Interesting arrangements and beautiful melodies make for a great record. The album was mixed and mastered by Andrew at The Blue Studio.“… a lightness of touch here, a finesse there, a control everywhere that combine to produce an outstanding album.” The Living Tradition.

Musicians : Gemma Reid – fiddle & vocals; Andrew Tulloch – guitar & vocals; Jenna Reid – fiddle, accordion & vocals; Bethany Reid – fiddle, piano & vocals.

Improvokation– Star Mountain Sessions ( Forged Records )   

Mixing & Mastering

Arnie Somogyi’s fantastic Improvokation, this album combines British and Hungarian musicians and is a great example of how jazz and traditional folk tunes can live together. Recorded in Budapest and mixed/mastered by Andrew at ‘The Blue Studio’ in London. The reviews say it all.CD of the Week, The Observer”An intoxicating blend” The Times,”Fascinating … vivid”, The Guardian,Pick of the Week, “Masterful”, The Independent

Musicians: Arnie Somogyi – bass, Beáta Salamon – violin,vocals, Béla Szakcsi Lakatos – piano, Jeremy Price – trombone Mihály Borbély – clarinet,saxophones,tárogató,furulya, Miklós Lukács – cimbalom, Neil Yates – trumpet, flugel horn,bodhran,whistles, Tony Lakatos – saxophones, Winston Clifford – drums & percussion, Zsolt Bende – guitar

Rolf Harris– Now and Then ( Rolf Harris Enterprises )   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

This is a rare collection of songs cataloguing Rolf’s music career over the last 40 years. From early recordings at Abbey Road Studios with the legendary producer George Martin, to his latest songs recorded by Andrew at The Blue Studio. Some of the material on the album was quite a challenge to re-master, as the older recordings only existed on Vinyl and had a lot of surface noise to contend with.

John Etheridge– ‘I Didn’t Know’ (Dyad DY024)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

John Etheridge’s new solo album, which was produced & engineered by Andrew. Stunning playing and great tunes from a guitar master. Here’s what the Observer had to say:‘This is the kind of album to make you glad you’re not a guitarist. How can anyone achieve this level, not just of skill but of musical inclusiveness? Nothing seems to be beyond Etheridge’s grasp. He can spin a simple old spiritual, ‘Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child’, into four minutes of almost abstract melody, then follow it with an undeniably funky ‘Mercy, Mercy, Mercy’ and make both sound complete and perfect. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t yet been hailed as a superstar – there’s just too much of him to fit into any known marketing category. This astonishing set of 16 numbers, solo apart from a few discreet overdubs, also exhibits Etheridge the composer, who turns out to be equally impressive. This is one not to miss.The Observer

Mose Allison– The Mose Chronicles: Live in London (Blue Note/EMI)   

Recording    **Grammy Nomination**

Saying that Mose Allison is an American original is redundant. Mose is by all accounts one of the most unique voices in jazz.. He is also an institution in London. The British understand his dry, sardonic wit, and he brings to them the richness of an American culture couched in the vernacular of our time and steeped in the blues.On THE MOSE CHRONICLES: LIVE IN LONDON, Mose finds himself in the center of an ever expanding London cult following. This particular rhythm section is one with whom he has played over 1000 gigs. The empathy between Mose and drummer, Mark Taylor is nearly telepathic, and the venue, too, is Mose’s home away from home – London’s Pizza Express.The Mose Chonicles: Live In London, Volume 1 was recorded by Andrew,and nominated for Best Jazz Vocal Album at the 44th Annual GRAMMY Nominations.

Scott Hamilton Quartet– Live in London ( Concord Records )   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

Scott Hamilton is one of the great American tenor saxophone players. His imfamous ‘ big’ sound can be heard here on this album recorded live in London by Andrew.……” The King of Cool” Evening StandardMusicians: Scott Hamilton – tenor saxophone, John Pearce – piano, Dave Green – bass, Steve Brown – drums

Morrisey Mullen– Everything Must Change : The Definitive Collection ( Sulphuric Records)   


Digitally remastered by Andrew at The Blue Studio this excellent compilation is taken from seven albums originally released during the 70’s & 80’s. The recordings were all taken from the original vinyl and had to have extensive restoration & processing done in the Cedar system. The final result has breathed new life into these great recordings.

Hamish Stuart– SOLO ( Sulphuric Records)   

Recording Mixing & Mastering

This 5 track album is Hamish Stuart’s ( Average White Band ) tribute to the great Donny Hathaway. It was recorded in a very organic way with no studio tricks, just Hamish with his guitar singing songs he loves in front of a microphone. Enjoy…






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